Premium Coffee Cart Leasing by wheelys melbourne

Increase Revenue

Improve Customer & Staff Satisfaction

Enhance Your Brand Image & Awareness

Wheelys Melbourne is a Premium Coffee Cart business that delivers some of the best organic and Fairtrade coffee across Melbourne. We are now introducing our new Wheelys Cafe leasing model. Leasing a Wheelys cafe gives your business the opportunity to have a fully fledged on site cafe at the fraction of the cost of setting up your own. Whether you want to provide coffee to staff or customers, sell coffee and snacks for extra revenue or utilise the Wheelys customisation & mobility for marketing and branding purposes the choice is yours. Get in contact today to discuss how a Wheelys Micro-cafe could work for your business!

What's included!!

Delivery & Pickup

Regardless of your location, we will deliver your Wheelys bike on time in mint condition.

Introduction to Wheelys

When we hand over your Wheelys bike, you will be able to start operating straight away.

Barista Equipment

We Will Provide You A Full Set Of Professional Barista Equipment To Help You Handle Everything A Normal Cafe Could Handle. From Premium Coffees, Teas To Mouth-Watering Hot Chocolate.

Service & Maintenance

We Will Come To Your Location To Fix Any Issues With The Coffee Machine Or Grinder. If We CANNOT Fix It, We Will REPLACE It With A BRAND NEW ONE!

Extras You Can't Say "NO" To

Brand your Wheelys Cafe

We can deliver a PERSONALIZED Wheelys bike along with other branded materials such as cups, lids, napkins etc

Barista Training

We will teach your staff on how to use a coffee machine from scratch, with NO prior experience. We can also provide our well trained & uniformed baristas to ensure high quality service on the Wheelys bike.

Delivery of Fresh Bakeries

We will deliver fresh bakeries DAILY. Please note that this option is subject to change according to your location.ay.

Detailed Cleaning Service

We offer a full detailing service to ensure your Wheelys cafe and equipment stays in tip top shape.

Previously trusted by.

“...feedback on both the quality of the coffee and the excellent service that Patrick provided was overwhelming.”

I recently hired Wheelys to provide coffee for a party. Patrick was amazing. The party did have many of Melbourne's toughest coffee critics and their feedback on both the quality of the coffee and the excellent service that Patrick provided was overwhelming. Thank you and we will be sure to use Wheelys Melbourne for any future events!
Enzo Compagnoni

Be part of Melbournes growing micro cafe trend, and improve both staff and customer satisfaction with Wheelys PREMIUM FAIRTRADE & ORGANIC coffee NOW!

Order your Wheelys Cafe today!